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Fulbeck Waters Tel: 07881 315 036


All vehicles are restricted to 5mph on site and learner drivers are not permitted.

Vehicles must be parked in the designated areas and not on grassed areas

No swimming allowed in the lake

Dogs must be on a lead

Radios and/or other audio equipment must be kept at low volume levels
No bonfires allowed whatsoever
BBQ's must be on a stand at least 6" above the ground

There is no lighting on site so it is advisable to bring along a good torch

Once onsite please make yourselves aware of the nearest fire point

Respect should be shown to landowner’s property, trees, fences, buildings, equipment and stock

It is forbidden to fly kites and model aircraft or to use catapults, airguns, firearms, bows and arrows or similar items on site.

Ball games are permitted provided it is in an open space well away from camping units and anglers